Ever since its foundation on Place Vendôme, Van Cleef & Arpels has drawn inspiration from the world of couture, like a homage to its place of birth. Today it is putting this source of inspiration at center stage, as it unveils new pieces at the crossroads of High Jewelry and Watchmaking. 

Revisiting an icon piece from the 1930s

Frivole pendant, mini model

Frivole pendant, mini model 18K yellow gold, Diamond ¥ 35,300

In an interplay of colors and materials, precious and ornamental stones come together within a symmetrical rose motif. 

Ludo secret watch

Ludo secret watch 18K yellow gold, Chrysoprase, Diamond, Emerald, Mother-of-pearl, Sapphire ¥ 2,390,000

The petals – depicted by gems of different sizes – blossom around a generous ornamental stones cabochon, haloed with diamonds.

Ludo secret watch

Ludo secret watch 18K rose gold, Coral, Diamond, Mother-of-pearl, Ruby ¥ 2,800,000

Recalling the outline of a belt, the extremity of the bracelet is made up a gem-set motif that echoes the rose.

Revisiting the style of the Ludo bracelets designed in the 1930, five watches display the passage of the hours with the Ludo Secret models. Bringing together different materials and colors of gold, the creations are made up of hexagonal links. Adorned with precious stone – a ruby or sapphire – in star setting at their centers, they form a glittering constellation around the wrist. 

The creation of the Ludo Secret watch

Following in the footsteps of the secret watches that Van Cleef & Arpels holds dear, these new pieces harbor a dial in white mother-of-pearl, surrounded by diamonds. On the models in hard and precious stones, a cabochon rotates to unveil the iridescent shades of the dial – embellished with a set star indicating the twelve hours; on the Mystery Set™ watches, the time is revealed beneath a motif of sapphires or rubies.

  • Ludo™ secret watch, white gold, sapphires, white mother-of-pearl, diamonds. Ludo™ Collection.

Van Cleef & Arpels offers two unique Ludo Secret pieces: one in white gold set with sapphires, the other in rose gold adorned with rubies. Inspired by the Ludo Hexagone Macarons secret watch from 1941, these creations are enlivened with loops on either side of the dial.

Pompon Leila transformable long necklace watch with detachable clip, mid-length wear. Pompon Collection.

Jewels that tell time

The Maison is unveiling new creations that combine elegance with metamorphosis: the Pompon secret long necklaces. Inspired as much by the fluid lines of the jewelry of the 1920s as the dazzling color combinations of the 1970s, these unique pieces associate white cultured pearls with a variety of precious materials.

Emblematic of the world of couture, a tassel enlivens each necklace with lines of pearls and multicolored beads. Gracefully accompanying its wearer’s movements, it harbors a delicate dial in mother-of-pearl, concealed differently according to the model. In keeping with one of the Maison’s cherished traditions, the pieces can be transformed and worn in several ways, to suit any mood.

  • Pompon Margaret long necklace watch. Pompon Collection, Van Cleef & Arpels.

    Pompon Margaret long necklace watch, Pompon Collection